About Us

Natural Precepts began in 2003 with a plan to bring new “first-to-market” and innovative “outside the box” nutritional products to health conscience consumers. A primary focus of the company has been in liquid nutritional products.

Though it has been known for many, many years that liquid vitamins are five to ten times more bioavailable than the traditional capsules and tablets, only those who could overcome their horrific taste were potential customers. Equipped with years of neutraceutical research & development, the founders of Natural Precepts were convinced that this “taste” challenge could be overcome.

Through much R&D, the goal of a “good tasting” nutritional supplement was achieved in late 2004. Our flagship product is a first-to-market, great tasting “Multi-Vitamin Beverage.” YES! is the “Ultimate Functional Beverage” with significant amounts of 12 vitamins, 70 minerals, 8 anti-oxidants & more, in each serving.To have broad based nutritional supplementation, you once had to choke down a handful of pills every day, while only receiving a fraction (10-20%) of their benefit. Now you can have the supplementation you need in a good tasting beverage. Whether you choose to drink YES! with your breakfast, grab a bottle on the way to work, or before your work out, getting the nutrition you need just got a lot easier.

Natural Precepts is proud of the break-through that YES! represents and is extensions of the brand are already being planned. YES! Apple Juice is currently being developed and will be a 100% Apple Juice that is fortified with the Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, and Amino Acids needed every day. Soon to follow will be a YES! 100% for those who want to stay close to the recommended daily values and YES! Kids will supply 100% of childrens recommended daily values.

We at Natural Precepts are excited about bringing these breakthrough health products to market and the response we are receiving lets us know that their time has arrived!